July 28, 2021

How To Choose The Best Paint Thickness Gauge?

A paint thickness gauge or automotive paint meter is a device used to measure the thickness of a coating on a floor.

Paint thickness gauges are frequent within the automotive sector the place they’re used to find out portray thickness on totally different panels. However they’re additionally utilized in many different industries for system upkeep, high quality assurance and different purposes.

How A Paint Thickness Gauge Works

Some paint thickness gauges use a everlasting magnet to measure paint thickness. When you place the gauge on the floor, a magnet attaches to the floor.

For this kind of gauge to work, the floor beneath must be a ferrous (magnetic) materials like metal.

Growing pressure is utilized to a spring linked to the magnet. A sensor then measures how a lot drive it has taken to drag off the magnet. This correlates to color thickness – the extra the required drive the thicker the paint.

The gauge offers a readout in μm (micrometre/micron).

Extra superior paint thickness gauges use both electromagnetic induction or eddy currents.

Electromagnetic induction is used to measure thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic surfaces comparable to metal.

A coil system generates an electromagnetic subject that’s affected by the magnetic substrate. By measuring modifications within the magnetic subject, the gauge can decide paint thickness.

Eddy currents are used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic steel surfaces comparable to aluminium or non-ferrous stainless-steel.

A coil carrying a excessive frequency alternating present causes eddy currents within the substrate. These eddy currents have their very own magnetic fields.

The probe measures the character and energy of the magnetic fields to find out paint thickness.

Many paint thickness gauges immediately have a 2-in-1 design: they will measure through magnetic induction or eddy currents, providing you with extra versatility.

There are gauges that don’t depend on magnetism in any respect. instance is ultrasonic gauges. These are used on non-metal surfaces comparable to plastic, wooden and fiberglass.

Ultrasonic paint thickness gauges work by sending a pulse by way of the paint. They use the mirrored pulse to find out paint thickness.

Makes use of And Advantages Of A Paint Thickness Gauge

As I discussed, paint thickness gauges are used throughout a variety of industries. Listed below are a few of their commonest purposes in addition to their greatest advantages.

  • Automotive detailers use a paint thickness gauge to find out how a lot paint they need to work with. If the paint is skinny, sprucing off an excessive amount of can expose the decrease paint layers.
  • You should utilize a paint thickness gauge when you find yourself inspecting a used automotive to inform which panels have undergone repairs. Inconsistency in paint thickness is an indicator of a restore having been achieved due to corrosion, an accident or another concern.
  • In industries, producers use these gauges to ensure their merchandise obtain required requirements.
  • Paint thickness gauges may also be used for system and machine upkeep. Thinning paint can point out deterioration. That is particularly vital for components and surfaces that must be protected against corrosion.

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